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A huge warm welcome to Red Velvet Baking, the blog! I have been baking since I can remember and I have always wanted to share my experiences and tasty flair beyond the walls of my own home. In summer 2011 I launched this little blog. I blog as a celebration of my achievements and dedication to my culinary passion, alongside an overflow of my enthusiasm, with a few added delicious recipe ideas. Pictures and tips galore, sure enough to sink your teeth right into and to get your mouth watering. Delicious beautiful baking can put a smile on anyones face.

Summer 2013 saw me train for a month at Leiths, gaining a distinction in practical cookery and last summer I ran a culinary arts course in the USA, specialising in baking.

I am now back in the UK, writing for my blog from sunny Yorkshire. 2015 is going to be a big year for Red Velvet Baking, so keep posted!

Keep calm, enjoy and most importantly BAKE!



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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Fabulous Baker Brothers...

Evening my beautiful foodie friends <3

A quick catch up from last week...days and weeks are merging these days, time is flying so quickly it is hard for me to keep up! Last week I came down with tonsillitis, which is a huge pet hate, being a singer and baker! Throat issues are a big no no, especially when I had a cake order!

I took a mini break and went back to my home town, Wakefield, and on visiting the town centre, found it what the Food, Drink and RHUBARB festival!!! On friday, I finished most of my cake order (pearl cake blog to come) and dragged my mum down to check out the foodie fabulousness and to buy some gorgeous local produce. I was in for a rare treat!!!

We decided to have a look in the demonstration area, wondering whether to stay or not, until we read the flyer, stating that the Fabulous Baker Brothers were making an appearance. I was not moving a muscle! I was so excited, so close to such inspiring leaders in the world of great food and local produce.

They made a beautiful pork and black pudding dish, with RHUBARB salsa, accompanied by a gorgeous fresh pitta - made within 45 minutes! Right in front of my eyes! We even got to get up and try some of it...delicious! They were fantastic, down to earth entertainers, really capturing the audience by heart and I just felt so privileged to have them in my home town, sharing their knowledge and expertise. 

After they did a book signing and I persuaded my Dad to cough up! I may have shelves full of books, but nothing compares to a new book, personally signed!! My Dad had already met the Baker Brothers, at Morrisons head quarters, so I had their first book personally signed, but this time I was getting a picture!

As I approached the front of the queue, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I never normally get nervous, but I felt completely starstruck. My mum was laughing as I was shaking and starting to hyperventilate! It was ridiculous! I was so flustered, but they were so sweet and genuine. It's refreshing to hear them supporting beautiful local produce, supporting people and businesses like mine. It's glorious.

I am looking forward to baking more bread and eating more deliciously cooked local produce!

Their new book is out at the end of this month...a fabulous mouth watering read. The pages almost seem edible!! And don't forget to check out their new series on channel four!!! Local, made delicious.

Keep calm and go local <3

Love as always, 



Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hungry For Horse...

Afternoon Foodies!

So there is a big debate going around, at the minute, about the supermarket/brand scandal, where horse meat was found in many major beef products, without being advertised. A lot of people are on the fence about the issue, saying if it tastes good, does it matter? So what do you guys think?

One issue raised was false advertising. Quite a lot of people have been in uproar as they like to know exactly what they are eating, even if it is horse, they want to be able to make the decision themselves. A lot of the meat products, are popular on the shelves in tesco etc, and even with horse in, I believe at least 60% would continue to buy these products, enjoying their flavour and texture, however is should state the correct ingredients.

Some people are worried about the advertising, concerning other products they regularly buy. Vegetarians or vegans for example, are worried that false advertisement could be impeding on their dietry choices, as they are now questioning familiar products and their 'so-called' ingredient list!

An argument we raised in our house, was the issue of religion. Certain religions cannot eat certain products, due to their faith and if a beef product contains horse, what is to say it doesn't contain pork or lamb?

On a more dangerous note, some people have severe reactions and allergies, what if this false advertisement on other products caused someone harm or illness?

Which side of the fence are you on? I think it is not the end of the world if horse meat is used, however it should be clearly advertised and left in the buyers hands. Also, after this shocking discovery, I would be urging suppliers and retailers to have other products rigorously tested, to double check the authenticity of their labels!

I am happy to state I have neighver had a product, being tested for horse meat...but who's to say the meat on pizzas etc is correctly labeled from its origin.

Scary stuff foodies! Let us know your opinon!!

Keep calm and read the label!

Love, as always



Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Food Fight Against Cancer...James Martin vs Brian Turner

Evening foodies :)

What a busy week it has been! I am being introduced to all kinds of networking and even Net-walking (post to follow soon!), with cake orders and charity involvement on the rise - can 2013 get any better? The only way is up, ey?!

Last night a close friend of mine, Liam and I went to The Crucible, Sheffield, to watch The Food Fight Against Cancer, with James Martin and Brian Turner. It was amazing. We got fantastic seats, the food smelt and looked delicious and the yorkshire banter and jokes flying round were truly priceless. So much money and awareness was raised for Weston Park and Cavendish Cancer related charities, which are such an important cause. It was so inspiring and so heart-warming to see the chefs, being themselves - down to earth, yet extremely entertaining. The Crucible was packed full of people having a really good time, yet it felt very intimate and cosy.

The first half of the show was based around a set menu, to feed a family of four. Turner did a beautiful stuffed lamb joint, with fondant potatoes and assorted vegetables, whereas Martin went for it and did a 5 course extravaganza. This consisted of a light Pea soup, with quick battered egg, a blowtorched mackerel salad, quick sweet chilli pan fried lamb and a beautifully simple fridge box cake (biscuits and raspberry cream - simple but spectacular!)

I was so lucky to get the chance to attend and am so happy I got involved. I even got a picture with Brian Turner and he answered my questions on what cookery school to go to. Lets say I will definitely be attending Leiths, some way or another, and Brian Turner has not seen the last of me and my cakes!!!

Pictures to follow, but my Mac is having a paddy right now! Keep an eye out for special blog posts for local businesses and networking coming up over the next few days...but for now my bed is calling.

Keep calm and keep focused.

Good things always come to those who work hard!

Love, as always

RVB xox