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Hello foodies,

A huge warm welcome to Red Velvet Baking, the blog! I have been baking since I can remember and I have always wanted to share my experiences and tasty flair beyond the walls of my own home. In summer 2011 I launched this little blog. I blog as a celebration of my achievements and dedication to my culinary passion, alongside an overflow of my enthusiasm, with a few added delicious recipe ideas. Pictures and tips galore, sure enough to sink your teeth right into and to get your mouth watering. Delicious beautiful baking can put a smile on anyones face.

Summer 2013 saw me train for a month at Leiths, gaining a distinction in practical cookery and last summer I ran a culinary arts course in the USA, specialising in baking.

I am now back in the UK, writing for my blog from sunny Yorkshire. 2015 is going to be a big year for Red Velvet Baking, so keep posted!

Keep calm, enjoy and most importantly BAKE!



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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Future is Bright. The Future is Fudge.

Hey foodies!

So, as promised, I'm back. For good this time!

With last years cakey success and my entrepreneurial drive nipping at my toes, I'm thinking about the future of Red Velvet Baking. Cakes are delicious and it's well known that I adore them! The thing is with cakes, though, is that they really don't enjoy being shipped, without the love and care of the baker. So what else can I do to expand my empire and share more delicious, tooth-achingly sweet goods with the world? 

Fudge. Not just fudge, but a whole new range of confectionery items AND an online shop! That's my next vision. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing my trials with new recipes, testing flavour combinations and really going back to basics with the traditions behind fudge making. As this first quarter passes, I'll also be trialling some marshmallow recipes and don't worry, there'll be pictures to match. Enough to make your mouth water!

So watch this space! Oh and make sure to comment below with the weirdest and wackiest flavours you'd like to see me bring to market! Following my brand though, this will be quality, tasty stuff!

Keep calm and let's fudge it up!



Saturday, 24 January 2015

365 New Days = 365 New Challenges

Hello foodies,

It's been a while since I last blogged and as always, a lot has happened!

I think it would crash blogger if I tried to explain it all in one post, so expect a few posts reminiscent of 2014, just to bring you up to speed.

So it's a new year and after days of thinking of the 365 ahead, or should I say 341 now, I have finally chosen a few inspiring resolutions.

To help me choose these cheeky challenges, I reflected heavily on some of my favourite moments of 2014. I'd say my top three were:

  • Disneyland Paris for my 21st birthday - who doesn't enjoy the magical kingdom?!
  • Teaching culinary arts in the USA and meeting the most beautiful friends
  • Celebrating my graduation, with delicious food, plenty of drink and my incredible family
So a pretty amazing year! How could I top those incredible experiences?

Well, the past few years I have been learning, leaning on others, absorbing information and setting myself up for my future. 2015 is now a year for growth - using the knowledge and learning to progress myself, my business, my career and my aspirations. So five top resolutions to inspire 2015 would have to be:

  • Appreciate every day - not only because I love the film About Time, go watch it NOW if you haven't seen it, but because whilst I was in the US, I had plenty of time to reflect on what mattered most to me. Family, friends and of course - food! Don't let anything come between those all important F's.
  • Share - it's incredible how social our society has become, but yet what we are sharing is so fickle. I haven't shared enough with you guys, I owe a little more time to sharing not only fantastic recipes and pictures of tasty food, but my passion and enthusiasm for life and yet again, anything edible.
  • Explore - I've always been a bit of a home girl and although it's not a problem, over the last year I've learnt that a house is but a shell and it's the people that make it a home. Those people will forever be with me, wherever I go, so I want 2015 to be all about new adventures. Some may be small, like to visit my new camp besties around the UK and others may not even be physical journeys, but small steps exploring new ventures. So watch this space.

I promise this year to be my best blogging yet. It's like the all important light bulb has finally been switched on and I'm ready to begin a new journey, with all the wonderful and exciting challenges ahead.

What's your New Year's resolution? Make it count!

Keep calm, we are all in this journey through time together.


Jess xo