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Hello foodies,

A huge warm welcome to Red Velvet Baking, the blog! I have been baking since I can remember and I have always wanted to share my experiences and tasty flair beyond the walls of my own home. In summer 2011 I launched this little blog. I blog as a celebration of my achievements and dedication to my culinary passion, alongside an overflow of my enthusiasm, with a few added delicious recipe ideas. Pictures and tips galore, sure enough to sink your teeth right into and to get your mouth watering. Delicious beautiful baking can put a smile on anyones face.

Summer 2013 saw me train for a month at Leiths, gaining a distinction in practical cookery and last summer I ran a culinary arts course in the USA, specialising in baking.

I am now back in the UK, writing for my blog from sunny Yorkshire. 2015 is going to be a big year for Red Velvet Baking, so keep posted!

Keep calm, enjoy and most importantly BAKE!



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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Living it Large in London, till Reality Hits Home...

This August I visited London with my best friend, Beth, and we lived it up, large. We visited the usuals, buying Hello Kitty teddies in Hamleys and sampling chocolates in Harrods. What more could a girl want?

Convent garden was beautiful as usual, I spent the entire trip spying on cake craft shops and indulging in the inspiration of others. London really just has the spark for me.

In addition to cake spying, we went to see The Woman in Black at the theatre and my gosh it was spectacular! I'm more of a musical lover myself, being a singer, but it was a masterpiece, cleverly devised to create tension and release, atmosphere and fear, with merely two actors. Unbelievable.

August disappeared with the summer sun and now we are nearly through September. It's scary really. I'm going into my second year of university, with a business kicking off, pursuing my interest in food journalism, whilst juggling a job in fashion retail. A challenge is really key to anyones success, I believe, so bring it I guess! Any of you foodies face a challenge? Embrace it, whats the worst that can happen? Email your inspiration and aspirations...jessicaaleisha@hotmail.co.uk...I find it so uplifting to see peoples efforts and achievements. :)

Red Velvet Baking wise, we have completed our third market stall, this time in Sheffield City Centre. Although a very slow day, I feel we learnt a lot from the experience and have gathered some more ideas for future stalls. I am excited! We are aiming for Chatsworth Christmas Fair 2013 and we really want to be ready to hit home with our delicious cakey goodness. 

Presently, we are working on flavour combinations and looking at new and interesting ideas to visually inspire and engage you, our beautiful audience. So keep your eyes peeled and watch this space, because there can never be enough cakey scrummyness in your life.

Keep calm and enjoy the rest of the summer sun, before winter sets in :)

Love & delicious wishes, 

RV xox

Monday, 27 August 2012

1st Time for Everything :)

Well...what an amazing month August has been!! I hope you've all been making the most of the holidays and baking your kitchens into a frenzy! Well I can assure you my kitchen has been mental, along with jam packed weeks, not to mention whats to come this September!

Mid August my best friend and I decided to hold a stall in Bakewell, and according to the feedback, we really did BAKE WELL. It was a fantastic experience, and since it was Red Velvet's first ever stall, we learnt a lot from the feedback and got amazing comments to take away and build on. Below a few of the traditional styled cakes and fun cupcakes we had for sale. For the customer market, it seemed that traditional banana breads and victoria sponges were popular, alongside bakewell cupcakes and double chocolate fudge brownies of course!!!

In fact, we enjoyed the few days so much, that we are planning on attending a Sheffield Day and Night market fair this September. September 5th brings a 12 hour market fair to the Peace Gardens in Sheffield, so do not miss it!!! There will be a multitude of crafts, edible treats and I will also be selling bakeware, courtesy of Pampered Chef. So make plans, venture down and for more information keep checking my blog or Facebook - Red Velvet Baking. It would be a delight to see your face!!

In addition, my website is well underway! I have launch plans for mid September and I will be taking cake design orders and requests from right away!! So even if it is just a question or a blog request, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be ecstatic to help!!

Keep posted for a new blog shortly, as I recently visited the capital and ate scrumptious delights!

Keep calm and keep the holiday spirits,

Love, as always

Red Velvet xo

Sunday, 29 July 2012

I'm Back and In Business!

Evening Foodies,

I have the internet again, hallelujah!! I thought it'd never happen! So I am back online and back in business. :) And have I got news and plenty of food to share with you!!

As I forgot to explain earlier, the PANEL. It was amazing. Baking in a beautiful industrial kitchen, creating tasty treats and then getting all the feedback. I went up against a local competitor and thankfully smashed it! I got some fabulous feedback, "moist", "rich", "melt in the mouth"...I was so pleased.

Also, the business plan is in! I had the worst hand in day possible, fire alarms and broken copiers...oh my days. But hopefully it will all be worth it. You will have to keep posted, but all your support is really appreciated!

I am now on Instagram too :). Redvelvetbaking. Get on it!

Keep following and get in touch! I'd love to see your inspiration, your talent, your passion.

Keep calm and get sharing...

Love, as always,

RV xo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

I Am Still Alive...Promise :)

Evening foodies :)

Long time, no blog and I am so sorry!! Work gets the better of me it seems! But, we have a busy month ahead and I'm sure to keep you all updated on the crazy antics of Red Velvet Baking...can you keep up?

June has been busy, but July, well...it's going to be major! This June Red Velvet Baking has panelled alongside a local rival, baked up a storm on the business plan front and taken a Bulgarian vacation...with ice cream involved and plenty of suncream.

I will do a full panel dedicated post tomorrow - there truly is that much to say - but for now I shall mention just how exciting things have been in Bulgaria and how the business is beginning to take shape.

Bulgaria, Bulgaria, BULGARIA! It may sound daunting, but believe me it was amazing! It was one of my favourite girly holidays so far, with beautiful beaches, glorious 35degree sunshine and best of all, gorgeous people. I believe I have made friends for life. Young, clubbing, lively holiday - Bulgaria is the new place to be - check it out guys. Oh - and the ice cream is out of this world, massive, mouth watering masterpieces of flavour and texture. I wish I was there now!

Back on to the business side of things, it is all running smoothly, before July 27th's take off date. I have a close University friend of mine helping me with the financial planning and my beautiful best friend, Beth, designing some potential cake prototypes, to give you an idea of my scope, passion and edible potential. It is all very exciting. 

All I will say is that the panel went well ;)....keep posted for the real results tomorrow foodies!

Keep calm and carry on eating cake <3

All my love,

After rain, there is always sunshine <3

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Sun Has Got Its Hat On...

Afternoon Foodies,

And what a beautiful afternoon it is in Yorkshire. The sun is beaming, brightly in the sky and by gosh is it hot! I hope you guys are making the most of this sensational heat wave!

As for me, busy bee as per! This month has been a rather busy month, with exams, my birthday and some competition news to open new doors for Red Velvet Baking!

My birthday was on the 5th May - I spent the day shopping, as only I do best ;), and engaged in a little evening partying! Also, not forgetting a little fun-filled baking! I decided on making mini rainbow cupcakes, with a very sweet, white chocolate frosting....deeeeliiicccioussss!

In addition, I have some big news for you foodies!! I got threw to the next round of the Enterprise challenge!! This means I now have to write a business plan, in the hope of reaching the final presentation stage. This is very exciting!! My business will soon be getting the support it needs! Red Velvet Baking is growing!!!

Another competition is also on the cards. I am thinking of entering a couple of baking competitions to do with Eric Lanlard and BBC competing. There is always a chance and you really have to be in it to win it....so why not!

I did a little extra baking mid-month, creating a rich chocolate ganache mini cake and cute little butterfly muffins. Ridiculously indulgent, but really worth it! Check them out below!!!

 The next few months are going to be full of baking experiments, eating and hopefully summer sun! But I'll keep you updated. Exams are over now, so let the summer begin!

I'm on my CakeLoversDiet, at present, as I am jetting off to Bulgaria mid-June, but always be aware of skinny bakers - it's just not plausible! I love cake way too much for that...

Keep calm and out bake the sun...

Love, as always,
Red Velvet xo

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Think Pink, Pink, Pink...

Birthday time is fast approaching and I'm thinking of combining my love of cake with the fashion trends of the season. Working in clothing retail has given me the heads up and in baking, we do loosely follow these seasonal patterns.

At the moment, we are in the season of hot brights and sumptuous pastels. I love both! For my Birthday I was thinking of a rich pink sponge, following the brights theme, but using pastel colourings on top to give a powerful contrast - that little extra wow factor. In addition, I recently came across some really pretty rainbow cupcakes, using pastel shades to create mini fairytale-esqe delights. 

Have you tried anything out recently, with colours or designs? If so get in touch, redvelvetbaking.gmail.com.

Furthermore, contrasting patterns are trending. Any of you tried those imprint rolling pins? I was wondering if embossed vintage style sugar toppings could look very pretty. Also, you could use sugar balls and mini sugar flowers or sugared petals to highlight detail. 

What are your opinions? Any thing you would like me to showcase?


Although, the weather has taken a turn for the worst up North, Summer is still approaching fast and ready. We need to get our flour dusted fingers at the ready, as baking is going to take Summer by storm this year.

Keep calm and get ready, this Summer we're going to heat it up.


Love as always, 

Baking mad forever<3

Red Velvet xo

Pictures featured as inspirational ideas, not copyright of Red Velvet Baking.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Blue skies, bright days ahead...

Evening Foodies :)

It seems summer is fast approaching; shorts, sunglasses and sun cream at the ready! And I can tell you that I am rather excited for what summer is to bring this year. Any of you got any amazing holiday plans?

In two months time, I'm jetting off to Bulgaria, of all places, to soak up some rays with my best friend. We are both super foodies, so we are so excited to try the unusual cuisine and get all bronzed up. In addition, in two weeks time it is my birthday, YAY! I've been pottering around in the kitchen and collecting ideas for my birthday cake...so keep posted. If you've got any super spellbinding ideas, email me at redvelvetbaking@gmail.com - get in touch!!!

As for recent antics, busy busy busy seems to be my current motto! March saw the development of a birthday cake, for a close friend of mine. She asked for a cake that embodied her enthusiasm for wrestling and this was the much appreciated result. :)

Furthermore, I had an order in for my friends brothers birthday sweetie cake. Although this was an unusual cake for me to do, I enjoyed the challenge and had a lot of fun making this cake.

Unfortunately, I was unable to blog on Easter Sunday, but I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I spent Easter with my best friend, I baked milk chocolate cupcakes and we went on walks around Newmillerdam <3 beautiful this time of year. I left the cupcakes as a little treat for my parents...what did you bake?

I hid a little popping candy in each for that added wow - my parents said it was an exciting surprise :).

As this month progresses, more and more opportunities have become available, having completed all my hygiene awards this week and had legal support and advice. I am excited to say that Red Velvet Baking really is starting to take off! If you would like to be featured on here or have any ideas you'd like to see me whip up - email me at redvelvetbaking.gmail.com. Get in touch, I love to here from you!!!!

Keep calm and keep motivated. It really is the best way.

Love, as always,

Red Velvet xo

Monday, 26 March 2012

Red Velvet Update...

Afternoon foodies, 

Just a little update about what has been happening on my side of the track. As usual, it has been super hectic! I mean even today, whilst the sun is beaming through the window, I'm in the kitchen baking chocolate birthday cakes for a lovely friend of mine. No rest for the wicked, eh?!

Over Mothers day weekend, I had a fantastic bakeathon. Two full days of kitchen madness, but believe me it was worth it. I tried out a few flavours I'd been dying to put to the test and the reception I got was unbelievable. 

Flavour wise I tried; Maple syrup, chocolate lime, amaretto and chocolate baileys. Truly scrumptious and the kitchen smelt beaut as well! In addition, I tested out a few of my new piping tips - quite easy really. You can do it too!! 

Below are a few pictures of my experiments for friends and family, get in touch if you've tried any new and interesting flavours lately, or even fancy being featured on Red Velvet Baking. Get in touch!!!! 
www.redvelvetbaking@gmail.com <3

Keep calm and embrace the spring sunshine

& bake of course!

Best wishes,

Red Velvet x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Technical Fault :(

Had a little bit of a glitch with the email...so I am terribly sorry if you've been trying to send in your inspirations and designs. This, thankfully, has been corrected! So I can now unveil our email as;
No excuses not to email your scrumptious pictures and ideas now!!!!!

Keep calm and carry on...


Red Velvet xo

Ice-tastic :)

Morning my fellow foodies :)

Yesterday, I finally completed my piping tip mission! After weeks of research and searching, I have managed to find a set I am happy with and very excited to use. I was desperate to buy them in time for this weekends baking fun, and I cannot wait to share my ice-tastic results with you guys. Do you have a specific set of piping tips that you cannot part with, if so, share with me your pictures and results via redvelvetbaking.gmail.com :)

In addition, don't forget to share your baking treats for this busy weekend. St Patricks and Mothers day sweet treats...email pictures for features :)

Keep Calm and get creative,

Love baking,

Love Red Velvet xo

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Morning Blues...

So I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat :( and I'm now trying a concoction of different remedies to help get rid, fast! I've started with honey and lemon tea and thinking of steaming and everything! Do you have any good tips?

Apart from feeling a little under the weather, however, the sun is shining this sunday morn and that, I must say, makes a lovely change for English weather!! Anyone got anything exciting and sunshine filled planned today? :)

When I came back to Uni yesterday, I was welcomed by an array of ransom notes in my room - NEVER leave your door unlocked! One main one being the ransom note for a teddy. This requires a supply of delicious cakes for his return. I didn't half laugh! But, due to demand I am thinking of cooking up something scrummy as a treat :). Any suggestions on flavours, to treat these naughty madams?

As for more serious baking, my plans for the upcoming season are blossoming and if you're lucky I may share a sneaky peak this week into the Red Velvet kitchen :). Keep posted foodies and please share your ideas, inspirations and thoughts!!

Keep calm and dare try a Spring sunshine picnic?


Red Velvet <3

Friday, 9 March 2012

Late Night Inspiration :)

Last night, me and the girls decided to go to the pub. It surely progressed into a crazy and rather eventful night out - it felt like I was on a soap or something!!

Firstly, as we were going into the local pub, a woman and it seemed ex boyfriend were fighting - but she was screaming for help and it was all rather Eastendery! Whilst in the pub a lot of older men were making passes at my beautiful friends and it was all getting rather intense. At half 10 we made a rash decision to go out and after a little (or lot!) of alcohol I woke up with chocolate all over my duvet and a hazy alcohol tainted glaze over my head!

However, whilst I was out, I took notice of all the advertising for St Patricks day, March 17th. Now what are you guys thinking of making? I spent a lot of my night thinking of flavour combinations and presentation ideas.

This is where you can get involved...let me know your ideas and favourite decorating techniques! Share the late night inspiration and we can create something beautifully inspiring. Send your pictures to redvelvetbaking.gmail.com and i'll be sure to post them :)

Social network baking :) <3 Get involved!!!

Keep calm and inspire the baking nation this march,

Kisses & Wishes,

Red Velvet xo

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Keep Calm & Surprise Yourself This Spring

So it's been a little while since I last post and a lot is going on! The Enterprise competition is fully on its way and things are getting more stressful. I cannot stress to you how important the survey on the below post is - it will really help me get up on my feet! So please, if you have a spare 2 minutes, give it a bash and help shape the future of cake... <3

Currently, I am setting up tasting panels and focus groups - so if you're local to Sheffield, Leeds or Wakefield - get in touch and you could be involved in eating some yummy baked products! In addition, I am looking at marketing techniques. Obviously internet media is great, but how else would you like me to contact you? Offers, promotions and flyers? You tell me....

In terms of the season, we have a lot of celebrations coming up, don't we now :). And what better reason to get out the mixing bowl and bake up a delightful array of treats. In a few week we have St Patricks day and Mothers day...what will you be baking? Send me some pictures to share your ideas and i'll be sharing my take on the season too :)

Furthermore, in the not too distant future we have Easter!! I have some great ideas for easter egg baking in the kitchen, so keep posted for that too. No one can resist a bit of bunny baking and eggtastic cake!

Please feel free to contact me about baking for your birthday, wedding and any celebration, or even just for ideas and inspiration. You can contact me via Twitter, Facebook and my new email redvelvetbaking@gmail.com :)

Keep me posted on your baking antics foodies.

Keep calm and surprise yourself this spring,

Love and baking wishes,

Red Velvet xo

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Little Bit of Light Research :)

As I mentioned last time, I'm embarking on a business challenge, to set up my own baking business. But I need your help!!! In order for me to give you exactly what you want, I need a little more information about the baking produce you are desperate to get your hands on.

Firstly, I have created a questionnaire. It'll only take two minutes to complete, but would mean the world to me and make a great difference to my business. In addition, this gives you the chance to shape the way that my business will unfold. Take this opportunity whilst you can!!!!! You never know, I could be creating your wildest baking dreams in no time, so give it a shot... RedVelvetBakingMarketResearch

Thanks you beauties!!

Keep calm and bake, bake, bake!!

Love, as always,

Red Velvet xo

Friday, 10 February 2012

Start as you mean to go on...

Oh I am sorry for neglecting you guys! It has been a very busy week and I promise I will keep you foodies posted :).

To start with I've entered a entrepreneur challenge, in which I aim to set up my own little baking business, using their support and guidance to cover all the serious bases. I am so excited and now it's all official, it's really all foot down on the peddle from here!!! More cake coming your way guys!!

Also, I have secured some birthday cake orders and I desperate to start! And don't you worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys :) - I have a load of picture inspiration and a few recipe challenges coming your way, to keep you busy!!

As for Valentines day, it's nearly here! I know a few of you will be rather love drunk and others more against the period, but no matter what your situation - you deserve a bloody good cake now and again!!! Check out the pictures below and comment on which you would like the recipe of.... :) get voting!!

Keep calm and bake a cake,


RedVelvet xo

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Busy Bee Me & Citrus Kick Cupcakes :)

I had quite a busy, but productive, week last week. Feeling rather refreshed this January and ready to step everything up a notch. After deciding on selling my baking, I decided that last week I would do a little cupcake mixology and refine my favourite flavours. SO MUCH FUN! Can you wait for my valentine edition? Well I might just make you ;)...

As for recipes...heres another little alcoholic number for you to try. This little request was for a vodka kicking cupcake...keep calm it's only a tipple kiddies ;)

Citrus Kick


80g softened unsalted butter
280g golden caster sugar
240g plain flour
1 heaped tbsp baking powder
pinch of salt
240ml semi skimmed milk
2 medium eggs
juice of half a lemon
rind of half a lime

100g unsalted butter
40ml semi skimmed milk
2 tbsp of vodka
400g icing sugar
sugar flowers/lime rind etc. to decorate

Magic Method

1. Preheat your own to 190c and line a muffin tray with cases.
2. Using an electric whisk (or spending a lot of time by hand) slowly beat butter, sugar, flour and baking powder, until the ingredients resemble a fine breadcrumb consistency.
3. In a separate bowl, whisk the milk and eggs, until light a frothy and slowly mix into the dry mixture.
4. Once everything is mixed in, blitz with an electric mix until a super smooth batter is formed. Add in the extra rind and lemon juice and combine.
5. Divide between the muffin cases until three quarters full and then bake in the oven for 20 minutes, until golden and springy to touch.
6. Remove from the oven and place on a wire rack until cool.
7. Whilst the buns are cooling, make the icing. In a large mixing bowl beat the butter, milk, vodka and half the icing sugar. This make take a while by hand, and even a few minutes with an electric whisk.
8. Add the remaining icing sugar and beat until smooth and creamy.
9. Once the cupcakes are cool, decorate the cupcakes, with the buttercream, using a palette knife to create a neat swirl.
10. Decorate with lime rind or sugar flours.

Sorry for the delay guys, look out for the next few posts on store cupboard essentials and Valentines treats...

Keep calm and don't get too tipsy...

Best wishes,

Red Velvet xo

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Valentines Preparation...

So in a couple of weeks it will be the celebrated day of love. Do you agree we should only celebrate it one day of the year? Maybe not, but why not take the chance to spend a little loooove time, with your loved ones. On the 14th it is also my Dads birthday, bless him, so I shall be showering lots of presents, and of course baking treats, for the whole week...so keep your peepers at the ready.

In addition, I am planning to join an online blog linking day, on the days prior to Valentines, in order to give you the opportunity to shop for delicious baking treats and ideas, through a variety of beautiful blogs. Now you wouldn't want to miss that now, would you?

As for my own personal preparation, I have started buying some pretty sprinkles and lovely little cupcake cases. I am also planning on making some beaut red velvet whoopie pies for a friend of mines Valentines ball. So keep checking for recipe updates :).

Furthermore, I'd like to direct your attention to another site that I am getting quite familiar with :) ToSouk. This website holds lots of little treats and vintage items, for you to purchase and browse. I have started putting some of my most favoured baked items on there and over the Valentines period will be taking themed orders, if any one is interested :).

Keep in touch, requests are always welcome.

Love, as always.

Red Velvet<3

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Rough Rocky Road...

A few years ago, I was asked to help the younger members of my school choir, organising a break bake sale to raise money for a departmental music trip. A lot of people brought in buns and biscuits, but I wanted to bring in something a little different. I took this opportunity to make Rocky Road bars. They sold out fast!!

In addition, this recipe was a request from a good friend of mine, raising money for a life changing trip to Fiji. I wish her the best of luck and I'm sure this recipe will do you proud Amy <3

TOP TIP: I have made these a few times now and to get them to set like a proper refrigerator cake, it's more beneficial to use the exact amount, if not less, of biscuit and additional chocolate.

125g soft unsalted butter
350g quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces
3 tbsp golden syrup
200g rich tea biscuits
100g mini marshmallows (larger marshmallows chopped up can be substituted)
icing sugar to dust

Magical Method

1. Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a large sauce pan. Once melted and combined, place around 150ml of mixture to one side.

2. Place the rich tea biscuits into a freezer bag and seal, before bashing the biscuits into shards, with a rolling pin. Good for stress relief, just don't go too crazy!

3. Fold the biscuit pieces, crumbs and marshmallows into the saucepan full of chocolate and combine.

4. Transfer the mixture into a tray (24cm square/rectangle), lined with foil (parchment will do), and flatten with a spatula.

5. Pour the remaining chocolate over the top and smooth to finish.

6. Refrigerate for four hours, preferably overnight.

7. Before serving, cut into fingers or squares and dust with sieved icing sugar.

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy! Get the kids involved for a treat.


In some cases you may want to add nuts and/or glacier cherries to the mixture, for a fruity twist!!

Keep calm and polish 'em off, kiddies!

Have fun,

Red Velvet xo

Sunday Supper Slimline Souffles...

Well, as always in January, we set ourselves up for changes and challenges in the New Year. A regular favourite amongst my family and friends, is losing weight. But we really do love food!

Last year I spent a lot of time reviewing recipes and suggestions for low calorie, but satisfying, puddings. I think this really is a winner :). Add it to your diet plan and see the results of weight loss and foodie heaven, combined.

Chocolate Orange Souffles

sunflower oil for greasing
50g golden caster sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder
juice of half a lemon
3 medium egg whites
rind of 1 orange, grated

dark chocolate shavings
creme freche
cream/ice cream (if you're feeling naughty)

Magical Method

1. Set the oven to 190C (170C for fan assisted ovens) and grease 4 100ml ramekin dishes.

2. Gently combine the caster sugar, cocoa, lemon juice and orange rind, and set aside.

3. In a grease free bowl, whisk the egg whites, using an electric whisk, until forming soft peaks.

4. Carefully whisk in the cocoa mixture, until thoroughly combined. Divide between the four ramekins.

5. Place the ramekins on a baking tray in the centre of the oven, for 12 minutes, until risen.

6. Once baked, remove and serve immediately with your choice of creme freche, cream or ice cream and decorate with chocolate shavings.
Why not try using mint, instead of orange rind. Or possibly serving the souffles with a white chocolate infused cream for a more decadent dish.

At only around 80 calories a pop, why not treat yourself this evening. Simple, easy but ridiculously delicious.

Keep calm and dig in, kiddies.


Red Velvet xo

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Food for Thought...

Hey foodies!!

Just a quick blog to highlight the ever expanding list to the right of my blog posts. I have been researching the internet and in magazines for fresh and unique blogs, looking at fantastic baking schools and websites, full of inspiration. I decided to share my favourite findings with you guys, of corse, and over the next few months can't wait to see the list grow!

If you know of any fantastic websites, magazines or anything you find inspiring, let me know! I'm happy to feature your own work also...

Get in touch kiddies.

Keep calm and always keep in the kitchen <3


Red Velvet xo

Friday, 13 January 2012

Zesty Carbonara...

This evening I thought I'd cook up a little pasta carbonara, however we had way too many sausages that needed eating. I decided on making my carbonara with a little saussy twist...give it a go! It's truly delicious.

6 good quality pork sausages
3 rashers of quality smoked bacon, diced (pancetta can be substituted)
1 or 2 punnets of button mushrooms
tbsp of salted butter
4 large egg yolks
125ml double cream
4 cloves of garlic, crushed and minced
125g parmesan (cheddar can be substituted)
handful of freshly chopped parsley

good squeeze and rind from half a lemon
500g tagliatelle (penne can be substituted)
drizzle of olive oil
pinch of rock salt
good grind of coarse black pepper

1. Remove the skins from the sausages, and roll the pork meat in to rough balls. Place the garlic, sausage meat and bacon into a large frying pan and fry at a moderate heat. Stir occasionally.
2. Put the pasta over a moderate heat, in salted water, and drizzle a little olive oil in the pan to aid the softening of the pasta
3. In a separate bowl whisk the egg yolks, double cream, lemon, salt and pepper until thick and creamy. Add a handful of the cheese and the parsley.
4. Add the mushrooms and butter to the meat and lower the heat. Stir occasionally.
4. Once the pasta is cooked, drain 3/4 of the water and mix the pasta, egg mixture and remaining water. The heat from the pasta should gently cook the egg. Add in the meat mixture and toss lightly.
5. Serve immediately, sprinkling the remaining cheese and a grind of black pepper on the top.

Serves 4.

Bon Appetite :)

Keep calm and scoff a load, kiddies!


Red velvet <3